There are few reasons to have a website represent your business without analytics installed on it. This tool provides a business with vital information about the health of their site, the effectiveness of their messaging, details about where traffic to their website is coming from, and how well users are reacting to what they are seeing when they visit.

If you want to get the most out of your website, installing and understanding analytics data is essential. 

At a minimum, a business should be paying attention to their analytics data monthly with detailed information about trends, past versus present performance comparisons as well as identifying if they actually have a qualified audience visiting their website. If there was ever a roadmap to proper change within a digital marketing campaign, this tool would be one of the highest on the list.  

Hawker Digital campaigns all include Google Analytics installation if a business doesn’t already have it installed on their site. A strong portion of our monthly reporting comes from analytics data. We provide as much or as little as the client needs or wants.  Without analytics, your digital marketing campaign is flying blind. Granted one can measure calls or forms submissions but it’s the missed opportunities you will never identify without measuring critical metrics.

Do you have analytics on your website, not currently running a digital marketing campaign yet still want to know what is going on with your traffic? Hawker Digital is happy to analyze report and consult on your current situation.