What does your website currently do for your business?

Does it speak to your clients' struggles or solve their problems?  Is it a lead generating tool or just a fancy online brochure? Does your website grow as your business grows, provide you with meaningful useful data, and provide information on how to create a larger audience? If it doesn’t, it probably should. Unless of course, you don’t have any competitors in your market.    

More than ever, users do their research online when they need to evaluate, prospect, or research what businesses to contact and which ones not to. Most businesses miss the mark on what a website should be doing or can do for their business.

A business's website should reflect core company values, personalities of the business, and establish know, like, and trust factors. 

Searchers use a very common yet overlooked page on most sites to decide who to reach out to and from over a decade of experience, most companies don’t know what page that is and miss out on a very large opportunity with most of their website traffic. Website creation should include a plan, knowledge, and experience of what works in design and navigation as well as the pitfalls to avoid during the process.  

Hawker Digital website design partners are experienced. They have years of experience in both design and user funnel flow. Let's talk about your project and see how Hawker Digital website design and creation can create a harder working website for your business.