Here is a secret about Google Ads you may already be aware of. Ads are easy to start, hard to make work well, and easy to spend a lot of time and money on. That is a dangerous combination for any business to navigate without expertise. Additionally, if there is one platform in the digital marketing arsenal that has increased in complexity over the last few years, it is Google Ads and most paid ad platforms. 

A hard fact about a platform like Google Ads is that less than half of users click on them. In some cases, fewer than 30% of users click on Google Ads.   

There is a reason they don’t click ads and often that reason is trust. Bait and switch language, landing on a page they didn’t expect to be navigated to or countless other reasons have trained many users to be skeptical about their click journey through paid ads.


This doesn’t mean that Google Ads, for example, can’t be utilized positively in your campaign, and depending on your current status as a business and as a website, they may be necessary.  Google Ads and other pay per click advertising can help get the legs under a new site or business. 

Organic traffic takes time to grow, paid advertising can often be the largest traffic source to new websites.  

A secondary issue to tackle is errant user behavior. Get under the hood of an ad campaign and you will quickly realize how often users click on ads without reading the ad content. If you have the incorrect foundation built under your campaign, search intention and ad impression are easily mixed, confused, and equate to wasted ad spend.  

Hawker Digital can wisely utilize your per click spend, assuring you are getting clicks from those that are seeking your services.